Species: unknown | Individuals: unknown | Data Points: 44 746 | Studies: unknown | Geographical Area: Africa | Countries: 54 | Organizations: unknown | Date: 2023-07-20

African Wildlife Poisoning Database


The use of poisons to kill wildlife has a long-established place in African history. However, the rapid acceleration in this use, coupled with the move to synthetic pesticides, has been shown to have a devastating effect on populations of many species.

Poisoning is often targeted at particular species, particularly those that provide high-value by-products, but the consequences are frequently unintentional and affect any species scavenging on poisoned carcasses. This may have potentially catastrophic human health impacts, in addition to the impacts on wildlife. There is evidence that a number of different species and ecosystems are being systematically targeted.

The Vulture Specialist Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission aims to gather and collate data on historical and current incidents of wildlife poisoning to assess the scope and impact of this threat to vultures and other scavenging birds and wildlife on the African continent. This database is designed to facilitate simple, effective loading and capture of relevant data using a webform, or a data submission template, for this purpose while ensuring that sensitive data submitted will not be shared without the consent of the submitting partner/organisation.